Giant FM Radio Review:

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Giant FM Radio is a famous Canadian radio station. Featuring to be one of the most favorite radio stations of Canada, it boasts of having a record number of local audience. If you are a passionate music lover, then you should probably know that the Classical Rock music plays a key role in overcoming your boredom & it lightens up your mood too.

That’s why this radio channel is completely dedicated to bringing the best variety of classic rock music for its audience. So, the global music lovers who wish to listen to the classical rock music, this FM Radio would be a perfect choice for them. Now, in order to reveal more details about this radio station and its program formats, check the following sections.

Generic Details:

This Canadian radio station broadcasts their contents in Welland, Ontario. Although, this channel is known as CIXL-FM, however, their on-air brand name is Giant FM. This FM radio station uses a specific frequency band – 91.7 MHz and the content of this commercial FM radio station can be heard both in the US and Canada.

Here to note, this station is originally owned by the famous group – Gordon W. Burnett’s Wellport Broadcasting Ltd and it was initially launched in 1957. During this time, it was known as CHOW which offered a daytime program format. Soon, it implemented the nighttime radio service and offered a quick & easy listening format. Until 1975, this radio station used the same program format, but later it switched to the country music format.

Next, in 1994, another group – Suzanne Rochon-Burnett bought this radio station. Then, it started using the 91.7 FM frequency band since 1999 and rebranded itself as Spirit 91.7.

In 2004, under a new authority (including their owner of David Holgate), the station switched to broadcast its content in adult hits format. Finally, since 2008, it has successfully adopted a classic rock format and retained their on-air branding name of Giant FM.

Today, you can easily listen to the contents of Giant FM Radio using their official website that offers the Listen Live feature. It offers the online streaming of music which can be listened using a steady internet connection.

The proficient radio jockeys who are always striving to make this radio service even better, smooth, and seamless are – Brian Salmon, Chuck Lafleur, Chrishon, Jef Brown, Kristy Knight, Pat Porter, Jeff Woods, and Paul Marshall.

Station Popular Programs:

The list of popular programs as hosted on this station are described below:

1. Mornings with Brian, Chrishon, & Chuck:

In order to make your everyday Morning even better, interesting, and refreshing, this particular show is hosted from 5:00 am to 9:00 am.

2. Middays with KK:

For a seamless midday music fun, you should listen to this show that is hosted from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

3. Afternoons with Jef:

For a great choice of Afternoon music, turn on this show and listen to music with Jef. Note, it is hosted on every weekday from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

4. Weekend Evenings with Paul:

This program is hosted on every weekend from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am.

5. Evenings and Weekends with Pat:

This show is hosted by a proficient radio veteran, Pat Porter.

Station Music Style:

This program is completely dedicated to the particular music genre – classic rock music.

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