Jazz 91.1 Radio Review:

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Jazz 91.1 Radio is one of the most distinguished radio stations of Canada. However, it’s not just a simple radio station. Rather, it features to be the non-profit radio platform that is fully dedicated to jazz & the jazz community. Being a non-profit radio station, it is even dedicated to enriching the educational, cultural, & community experience of their vast audience.

With such a great mission, it hosts a bunch of award-winning programs on music education, for example, Jazzology and much more too. Thus, this radio channel is committed to keeping the music alive while helping the youth in your community. Are you now interested in revealing more information about this radio station? Then, take a quick look at this review.

Generic Details:

This famous radio station cum non-profit charitable organization hosts various youth programs and they have partnered with several educational institutions. This platform also provides incredible opportunities to thousands of promising local young students & emerging artists who wish to obtain significant experience in music. Plus, this Canadian radio station even organizes a myriad of scholarships, workshops, internships, and jazz-related contests and relevant programs etc.

More than sixty years ago, the station embarked its journey and it was popular as CJRT-FM which mainly broadcasted an eclectic & electronic mix of classic music, educational programming, and jazz. In 1996, when the honorary Government of Ontario reduced the stipend amount, this radio station decided to switch to a new niche that would be popular in the North American market. Over the course of years, this radio channel has executed a different & expanded mission. As per the present status, they have now embraced another new concept – the concept of all-jazz format (with non-profit) featuring its own diversity & musical sophistication.

Today, Jazz 91.1 Radio boasts of having “A Growing Audience” with an annual revenue of $4 million. But note, this radio station offers many other things rather than the jazz music, such as the BBC news of London, educational radio documentaries, concerts, events, and the specialty programming etc. From a final standpoint, it can be mentioned that, Jazz 91.1 Radio features to be the most popular & most innovative jazz station of Canada which broadcasts the live Jazz music 24 * 7.

Station Popular Programs:

As the name suggests, this radio station hosts a bunch of shows while offering you the latest variations of Jazz. The details of their popular programs are given below:

1. Midday Jazz:

To listen to the best Jazz music, turn on this show which is hosted on every weekday from 10 am to 1 pm.

2. Dinner Jazz:

Listen to your favorite Jazz during the dinner hours with this show. This program is hosted on every weekday from 6 pm to 8 pm.

3. My Kinda Jazz:

This program features to be one of the most spectacular and most popular shows for the passionate music lovers.

4. Weekend Shows:

This list comprises of the following programs, such as Breakfast Blend, Saturday Afternoon Jazz, The big Band Show, Bluz FM, and Documentary Sunday etc.

Station Music Style:

This radio station broadcasts the classic & contemporary Jazz music that are bound to freshen up your mind and lighten up your mood.

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