Mix 97 Radio Review:

NB – check their website for updated station information.

Mix 97 Radio, A famous FM radio station that features a sumptuous variety of contemporary music. In fact, this Canadian radio station features to bring Quinte’s Best Variety of Music. In order to offer their audience an unlimited music fun, it offers a nice & good radio service for free! Their crew member comprises of a bunch of program managers or radio jockeys who are expertized and experienced in this field.

And, they perfectly know how to freshen up your mood with a great choice of music. With this radio station, you will get to listen to the latest hits, plus you will even remember the timeless artists and their composed songs. In order to reveal more details about this radio station & their popular programs, check the following sections.

Generic Details:

Mix 97 Radio will bring you the ultimate fun and help you to win the best prizes while you’re listening to their contents or participating in any contest! Here to note, this radio station has now brought the Listen Live option. To enjoy this feature – the online streaming of music, all you will need to use an internet connection that offers a decent speed. Once you have a proper internet connection that is both steady and speedy, you can always enjoy the free online streaming of music from anywhere and at any time.

This Canadian radio station is now offering you to enjoy their programs on-the-go. For that, you will simply need to install their official app which is available both for iPhone and Android. Furthermore, this is an interactive and intriguing app which is compatible with any types of devices. Plus, it comes with multiple features like creation of your personalized playlist etc. Additionally, you can even visit their official website where you will get the latest information on their programs.

Apart from music, this radio station hosts various contests and events throughout the year. For more details on their upcoming contests and events, please visit their official website.

Here to mention, this Canadian radio station was earlier popular as CIGL-FM and it mainly broadcasted all the hot adult contemporary music. This station embarked its official journey since 1962. Over the course of years, this station has successfully adapted a music sophistication and refined their program formats to offer you the best music quality.

Station Popular Programs:

In this section, you will reveal the details of their most popular program formats.

1. MIX Morning Crew:

You can now listen to this show on every weekday morning from 6 am to 9 am and enjoy the blissful morning music.

2. All Request Noon Hour:

This show is hosted on every weekday at 12 pm where you can enjoy the best music during the Noon hours.

3. Middays with MJ:

This is another popular program that is hosted on every weekday from 10 am to 3 pm.

4. Other Programs:

This list comprises of the following shows, for example, Mix 97’s McClassic Cut and On-Air with Ryan Seacrest etc.

Here to mention, the proficient radio jockeys who host the aforementioned shows are Sean, Orlena, Justin, and Dani etc.

Station Music Style:

This radio station broadcasts the latest adult contemporary music across multiple music styles.

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