Oldies Paradise Radio Review:

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Oldies Paradise Radio is a famous internet-based radio station that is operated by a group of proficient radio veterans and seasoned radio presenters. The official crew members of this prestigious radio station have already worked in the professional radio platform. Their authority passionately believes that there is an absolute need of bringing a sound music quality & sumptuous music variety on the so-called radio spectrum.

Taking this into consideration, this web-based Canadian radio station now features the biggest music libraries of the whole planet. Not only, they have successfully fulfilled the music demands of the native Canadian audience, but also they have even offered the free radio service for the global audience too.

So, if you are truly passionate about music and looking for a good radio station for enjoying a non-stop music fun, then you have landed to the right page. In this article, you will reveal the brief overview of “Oldies Paradise Radio” and its popular program contents.

Generic Details:

This radio station features the music of the Rock n Roll era (mainly through the 1960s, 1970s and the early 1980s). What makes them different from the rest is that – they offer one of the biggest radio music library contents across the globe. They are dedicated to providing their audience a constant variety. For an instance, they rotate their playlist on a regular basis in order to avoid the repetitions and bring more variety for the passionate music lovers. Thus, using this radio station, you can certainly enjoy the biggest hits, lost classics, and forgotten gems.

As you probably know that the standard terrestrial radio communication system comes with several limitations and restrictions. That’s why this Canadian radio station is now offering you an internet radio where you can enjoy music from anywhere and everywhere. So, if you wish to listen to the popular contents of this radio channel with its internet radio, all you will need to use a steady & fast internet connection and a speaker or headphone.

If you are a mobile user, you can also use the official app of this radio channel which is available both for iPhone and Android Devices.

Here to mention, they broadcast their radio contents using two high-quality internet streams. Furthermore, these streams are routed through several servers. Note, the main internet stream uses a 128k stereo. But, if you still face some problems with it, you should try the 2nd internet stream that is even more bandwidth friendly.

Station Popular Programs:

This radio station hosts a bunch of live shows to offer you the best rock n roll music. Here’s a brief description of their most popular program formats.

1. “Saving the 70s”:

This program is hosted by a 37-year-old radio veteran – Mike Walker. He is an absolute fanatic of 70s music. This particular show specializes in those old classics songs that the traditional radio has already forgotten. But, “Saving the 70s” isn’t just all about of music. Rather, it offers you a great combination of 70s music, movies, news events, TV, commercials, and much more too.

2. Other Programs:

The list comprises of the following shows, such as Retro Countdown, Old Record Club, Soundtrack 60s, and Stafford’s World etc.

Station Music Style:

This popular radio channel broadcasts as their name suggests just “oldies”. You won’t find any of that new stuff here 🙂

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