The Buffalo Radio Review:

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The Buffalo Radio, the popular Canadian radio station, broadcasts Classic Rock, Country, and Rock ‘n’ Roll music. The Buffalo and their proficient radio jockeys play the perfect mix of the hottest country music.

Featuring a path of steady & constant success, this radio station has always fulfilled the requirements of the global audience. Here to note, The Buffalo Radio has their official broadcasting center in Montreal, Canada. However, this radio station is proud to feature the listeners from all across the globe, such as USA, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Germany, and Italy etc. So, if you are also passionate about the Buffalo radio station & their live programs, then read this review to reveal more details about them.

Generic Details:

This radio station was originally founded in 2008 (in Grenoble, France) by a group of three students as a part of their side-project. Soon, this radio channel successfully established itself as one of the most distinguished Country & Rock radio station. Next, in January 2015, the radio station moved to Montreal, Canada in order to fulfill the music demands of the Canadian audience. In the meantime, they adapted its program style and made it more relevant to the North American market. Needless to mention, with the recipe of their good country & rock mix, the radio station has witnessed an optimum success in the North American market.

In fact, this radio station broadcasts the perfect mix of country music – broadcasting all of your favorite music from the past two decades – starting from the unfamiliar voice to the composed music of the best independent artists. Additionally, this radio station hosts various special shows just to offer you the ultimate essence of best new rock.

With the advent of technology, they have also implemented an online listening center where you can listen to your favorite music with Buffalo Radio from anywhere & everywhere (irrespective of any geographical boundary).

Station Popular Programs:

This radio station hosts a bunch of exciting live programs on a regular basis. For an instance, on every weeknight, you can relax & chill down with this particular show “Cool Hours”, a two-hour based program that airs a nice combination of country, rock, and blues. This show is aired on every day at 9 pm. In this music show, you will certainly have a great chance to relax your mind after a prolonged tiring day.

Now, on the Saturday evenings, you can turn on this particular show “Southern Nights” and listen to the best Southern Rock music. Note, this show is aired on every Saturday at 8 pm. It is a one-hour based music program which broadcasts the pure southern rock.

Another interesting program as hosted on this radio station includes “Texas Country Countdown”. Ideally, this show is hosted on Every Sunday at around 3 pm. However, by any chance, if you miss this show, you can enjoy its replayed version on every Wednesday at around 8 PM. This program is hosted by Kenny Schneebeli and it broadcasts the top twenty hottest tracks of Texas Country scene.

Station Music Style:

As mentioned in the previous section, The Buffalo Radio covers some specific music genres especially country music, rock music, blues music, and a bit of reggae etc.

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