TSN 1040 > 1410 Radio Review:

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If you are looking forward to enjoying the latest updates on Sports, then you can now turn on and listen “TSN 1040 > 1410 Radio” or TSN Radio Vancouver. Featured to be a popular radio station of Canada’s Sports Leader, TSN Radio Vancouver can provide you the sports-related updates of BC Lions, Vancouver Canucks, & Vancouver Whitecaps FC, while broadcasting every game.

With this radio station, you will never miss a single minute of TSN’s most popular line-up of sporting events. This station will give you an instant access to the headlines & breaking news from the entire world of sports, live stats, up-to-the-minute scores, and analysis & features from TSN’s world-class roster of Insiders & experts. Now, if you are looking for more details about this radio station, then take a quick look at this in-depth review that covers every aspect of it.

Generic Details:

TSN Radio is a famous sports radio brand that has a wide coverage area in Canada, including the following regions, Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver etc. This sports radio brand has partnered with various television sports channel including the most renowned American sports media giant – ESPN. That’s why you can catch some of the ESPN Radio programmings on it.

TSN 1040 > 1410 Radio is an integral part of TSN Radio that produces a wide majority of its programming for local sports events. Apart from that, it even airs the contents on U.S.-based sports events too. Their offices are located in downtown Vancouver (pretty adjacent to Burrard Station (SkyTrain) & the Vancouver City Centre station).

This sports radio station offers you the Listen Live option where you can hear the live updates of any exciting sports contest using an internet connection. Additionally, their official mobile app is now available for iPhone users, Android users, and Blackberry users. This is the latest game-changing app where the enthusiastic audience can hear the sports-related contents from all across Canada, at any time, and from anywhere.

Here to mention, this popular radio channel comes with an intriguing website with a polished interface. You can watch various interesting video clips from this platform. Additionally, the authority hosts several contests, events, and podcasts on a regular basis. You can get the detailed updates on the upcoming events from their official website.

Station Popular Programs:

This channel hosts a bunch of exciting programs both on the weekdays and weekends. Take a quick look at this section for more details:

1. The bro Jake Show:

To listen to this show, join Bro Jake & Dave Pratt on the weekday mornings from 6 am – 10 am.

2. Sekeres & Price:

This is a midday show, hosted by Matt Sekeres & Blake Price that includes two hours of solid coverage about “The Canucks”, from 11 am – 1 pm.

3. The Sport Market:

This show rates & debates the bulls & bears of the sports business. You should join the host, Tom Mayenknecht on every Saturday from 7 am – 11 am and discover some uncovered sports business stories.

4. Sports Saturday:

This show is hosted on every Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm.

5. Checkpoint Radio:

This is an exclusive talk show that is dedicated to covering & discussing video games & e-sports.

Station Programming Style:

As you can probably understand for reading the bove, this station mainly airs sports related content.

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