Y108 Radio Review:

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Y108 Radio is a rock radio station that is based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This Canadian radio station was earlier popular as CJXY-FM which covers the broadcasting area of Hamilton-Niagara and Greater Toronto Area. Being one of the oldest radio channels of Canada, this station embarked its journey since 1948.

Slowly yet steadily, they have implemented modern technology to offer you seamless entertainment, adopted advanced communication technology to provide you a better sound quality and subsequently changed their program format to fulfill your demands. Currently, this station broadcasts its contents using an active rock format under the name of Y108 Radio.

Are you looking for more details about them? Well, if yes, then look no further as you have landed to the right page! This article will acquaint you through their major program formats and a brief overview of their earlier background.

Generic Details:

CJXY-FM was originally launched in the year of 1948 as a simulcast of another AM station. After two years (in 1950), the simulcast channel was subsequently dropped off. Then, the owners relaunched this FM radio platform in 1964, with a distinctive programming style. Since 1991, the station eventually dropped its easy listening/adult contemporary format and adopted a new program format of rock music.

In 2000, the group of Corus Entertainment acquired this station and the authority had undergone few important changes. For an example, the station has now adopted a more active rock format where the authority has increased the volume of more mainstream Active Rock. Thus, the listeners will experience less traditional Rock or Classic Rock and a more pop Rock music style.

Here to mention, this radio station offers a myriad of easy listening facilities, where the audience can listen to the latest pop rock music using the Listen Live feature. Additionally, the music enthusiasts can download the official app of Y108 Radio to enjoy on-the-go music. The app is compatible with both ios and Android. You can easily download and install it in your gadget from Google play store and ios App store.

Station Popular Programs:

This section will broadly cover the details of their popular programs.

1. Morning Shows:

Join Ben, Shawna, & producer Chris collectively host this show on weekday mornings from 6 AM – 10 AM and offer you a great choice of active rock music.

2. Chuck Evans:

Join Chuck on the weekdays from 10 AM – 2 PM and enjoy a sumptuous variety of music.

3. Brian West:

The proficient radio veteran (Brian West) hosts this show on every weekday afternoon from 2 PM to 6 PM.

4. Nick Cino:

Nick Cino will certainly help to overcome your stress of the day, crank up the perfect tune, & have some solid fun with him! In this show (that is hosted on every evening from 6:30 PM – Midnight) will offer you the latest music news, Tips for your life, the latest movie, information on TV shows, and the Visualization Exercise etc.

5. Indie Show:

This show offers you a great collection of indie music composed by various independent indie bands.

6. Y Weekends:

Another skilled radio jockey, Ashley Stennett hosts this particular show on the weekends to offer you an unlimited entertainment.

Station Music Style:

This station covers a specific music style – active rock music (and a bit of indie music).

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